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Professionals deserve the best in internet safety training, to enhance corporate social media policies, business use requirements and staff mental health and well-being. Prepare your workplace with educational guidance to promote sensible online use and positive digital reputations. Talk with us today about your Organisational needs.

We provide individual consultations for Facebook account requirements. To schedule an appointment, email us via the Contact page or message the CyberActive Services Facebook page.

The Facebook workshop

The good oil on managing a Facebook account for safety, communication, privacy and greater effectiveness. The instructor is a Facebook subject matter specialist, sharing exclusive information and covering the full scope of Facebook for those who desire the prime ‘need to know’ elements.
This session offers the tools and resources to manage Facebook accounts, displaying areas that frequently require attention. Including; correct posting, uploading photos, finding friends, hiding information, arranging groups, accurate account settings, reporting content, removing content and effective functioning of Facebook Messenger and Facebook Live.
This face-to-face hands on workshop, is easy to follow empowering people with guidance to take charge of Facebook with enthusiasm and confidence.
NOTE: This is NOT a Facebook Marketing Class.

Facebook Privacy Session

In these one-to-one individual Facebook sessions, we complete a safety review to assess privacy, security and other account settings are guarded.
The Facebook Privacy sessions are essential for people in emergency services, or another specialist career and can be arranged to complement professional development days.
We understand not all employees are on Facebook, therefore a Facebook Privacy session delivers a service ensuring staff who own an account, are protected and gain peace of mind.
We select the correct and most suitable settings, specific to each personal account and individual requirement. Sessions are held with individuals in 15-20minutes intervals, ensuring efficient time-management and minimum disruption to workplace productivity. The reassurance achieved by people who attend these sessions, complements business OH&S and staff wellbeing requirements.
Facebook Privacy Sessions are booked at half day and full day rates.
Meet with one of Australia’s foremost specialists in Facebook for personal use and safety, with a booking of this session today.

Internet Safety for Professionals

The digital world moves at a rapid pace and with cybercrime on the rise, the dangers and exploits are increasing leaving many vulnerable online, at times without realisation! If you are online, you are at risk. We share our proactive knowledge base teaching the need to know on aspects of digital dangers, as well as preventative methods, positive practices and common sense strategies, to secure your individual presence in cyber space and improve your professional standing both on and offline.

Digital Self Defence

Specialist workshop tailored to personnel in
> Emergency services – Police, Fire, Ambulance
> Military
> Medical – Doctors, Nurses
> Government employees in child protection areas (DHS)
> Staff working in women’s shelters
> Other child protection NGO’s
> People at hi-risk of being targeted by cyber abuse or stalkers, due to their current employment or work they undertake.


This premium workshop is designed for the internet safety of individuals and those around them, giving greater knowledge of the myriad of online issues that can strike anyone at any time and how to prevent and prepare for these situations.
A combination of cyber safety along with awareness of digital defences to prevent stalkers, harassment, cybercrimes and other online situations.
The face-to-face hands on workshop is limited to groups of 25* people. Contact us for arrangement of this exclusive training.
(*unless otherwise negotiated)