Predators online ... are they your child's new friend?
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Predators online … are they your child’s new friend?

Predators online … are they your child’s new friend?

Over the last couple of days news reports are highlighting the instance of under age children using apps such as Tinder, where they are likely to come into contact with predators.

This information should be nothing new to a parent if they monitor their child’s social media use and are keeping up to date with internet safety information. It’s an ongoing story and one I posted back in January 2015.


However, I feel there needs to be more awareness regarding this danger online and how a child and some parents view a predatory situation.

1: Many teens and parents believe they can spot an online groomer from a mile away.
2: Some Teens believe predators are not as internet savvy as they are, and therefore teens believe they can manage a situation if they encounter one.
Note to Teens and Parents: If you believe the above statements are correct… you need to read on, as you may not be fully aware of the exploitation and destructive intellect of the predatory mind.
Predators are well versed at finding targets. They know how to locate pictures, posts and friends of teens, which usually lead directly to a teens social media account. Predators constantly scan the internet seeking out teens who engage in risky online behaviours, with some cybercreeps owning software to make their work simpler and more efficient.
Risky Behaviours:
> Teens online late at night – predators know parents aren’t monitoring, with some cybercreeps specifically requesting to catch up for a chat at a late hour. 
> Teens venturing to pornographic or non credible websites – clicking on links can activate malware or spyware to your device, this can lead to identity theft, hacks or blackmail.
> Teens talking in anonymous forums – this can be risky as teens connect with new friends yet don’t validate the identity of the person. 
> Teens desperate to talk to anyone and publicly request new friends – this action in particular is a goldmine for predators, because they can tell immediately they have a teen who is displaying signs of vulnerability, loneliness and/or emotional neediness.
 Predators are masters at flying under the radar of detection, so this Parents.. this is why you won’t always see them venture into your child’s life.
This story of Breck Bednar, a teenage boy who was befriended while gaming online is heartbreaking. Once again – You Don’t Always See Them!
They masquerade as friends or via a ‘friend of a friend’.
They may already be known to you and ultimately be someone you trust.
A family friend, a relative, someone from work, school, or local community group.
Predators and groomers do not always disguise themselves, some are teens themselves who groom other teens for criminal, sexual or psychotic tendencies.
Teens need to know – groomers Want to be your friend! But once you allow them into your world, they can do enormous harm, they will manipulate your mind, stir your emotions and can cause irreparable damage to you and your family.

So who are you currently chatting with online?

How much do they know about you?
Are they continually asking questions about you or your family?
Are they asking you to do things you know are not right, but you’re too scared to back out?
Do they make you feel your friends or family don’t understand you as well as they do?
How many gifts or special things do they promise or have they sent?
If some of these questions are making you think twice.. then please speak to a trusted adult or seek help.

If you are currently in a position where a person is asking you to do something that is making you uncomfortable.. please speak up or reach out for Help. No matter how old you are!

If you dont speak up – law enforcement dont know this person is causing distress to people.

If you dont speak up – someone else may become a victim.
If you dont speak up – you cant start the process of moving forward and gaining back control of your life.
To report suspected online pedophile activity seek advice from local police, or submit an online report :
To start the discussion with your child or to find out more about online predators, view the following links:
I want you to have the best in online protection and to manage your digital world, safely and efficiently.
If you would like to know more about me.. here is my website
Stay Safe – Janita x