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Meet Janita

Janita Docherty is an Internet Safety and Crime Prevention specialist

An energetic and enthusiastic individual, Janita is an internet safety specialist and former Victoria police officer of 21 years’ service.  Janita found her calling in prevention of online crime and helping people fight back, when she saw the vast number of children affected by cyberbullying issues in 2009.  Her instinctual urge to protect the local children and their families, led to an international effort to protect thousands of others, through online safety presentations and promotion of relevant resources.

As a result, her dedication to online safety, took flight. Devoting a great deal of her time to particular demographics with a free service, ensuring those needing assistance would always have someone to turn to.
Her work with police and specialist law enforcement departments in both Australia and the United States has seen her garner respect, recognition and high commendation in this field.  Helping specialist units and law enforcement personnel in the dedicated fields of E-Crime, Sex Offences and Tactical Intelligence areas, with online investigatory intelligence and expertise.  This has included a core group of special agents from the Department of Homeland Security and the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Taskforce.

Additionally, her expertise has been acknowledged by journalists and media professionals, with her digital safety intellect being featured in dozens of articles including the 20th Anniversary Edition of Marie Clare Australia. Her business CyberActive Services acquired further International status as a featured resource in the USA book publication – Cyber Self Defense.


Janita Docherty

Internet Safety & Crime Prevention Specialist

What has she achieved?

She has broken ground in a challenging arena

  • Aided police in bringing persons of interest to justice – including the First in Victoria (2011) with the successful prosecution of two people for a derogatory Facebook Page.
  • Presented at the International Law Enforcement and Crime Analyst Conferences
  • Delivered information sessions and workshops for staff in women’s shelters across Australia and Internationally, contributing to their online protection and that of their clients.
  • Counselled teens with suicidal tendencies providing resources to move forward with their family
  • Was the First to conduct Facebook ‘Timeline’ police investigation presentations – Oct 2011.
  • Passionate about child protection, standing as a member of the non-profit ‘I Choose’ anti-bullying campaign and an evangelist for the NetSmartz Workshop.
  • Presented to a group of challenged adult learners, one later stating; “it was the first time I felt safe on Facebook”.
  • First in the World to assist parents on the Google Helpouts platform.
  • Provided digital safety strategies to Emergency Services staff due to stalking and harassment issues.

With over 20 years of experience in crime prevention, protection and safety practices, Janita chooses to specialise in Facebook safety instruction and Cybercrime prevention.

Janita’s intricate knowledge on the workings of Facebook from a criminology perspective, has seen her most prominent presentations delivered in the United States, at the Social Media Law Enforcement Conference in Virginia, the International Crime Analysts Conference in Washington State and the National Law Enforcement Training on Child Exploitation Conference in Atlanta.

Janita’s years of training is ongoing and a supportive commitment to the law enforcement professionals who tackle the most heinous of crimes against children around the world.   Her digital safety training extends to staff and clients in agencies and women shelters, for people experiencing or evading intimate partner violence, online harassment and stalking.

Clients include Government departments, corporate businesses, community groups, police agencies, libraries, schools and colleges.  Janita is widely respected and has been privileged to visit the USA Headquarters of Facebook, Google and Pinterest on more than one occasion.

Janita’s compassion with victims and responsiveness to protect vulnerable people, sees her possess a rare digital ‘Street Cred’ quality, as she continues to deliver cybersafety messages in her battle to defeat cybercrime and safeguard people online.   She is a unique specialist in her field who continues to be recognised in Australia and Internationally for her exceptional work and expertise with internet safety.

Keep your employees safe with a Facebook or Digital Safety Workshop today.

It’s peace of mind, for their online well-being.

More Accreditations are listed here;

  • Victoria Police -21 years’ service
  • Western Region Crime Analyst – Victoria Police
  • Instructor and Trainer Victoria Police Facebook Eyewatch phase 2 – 2013
  • Instructor social media training – Victoria Police 2009 – 2013
  • Victoria Police Divisional Commendation – Community Service 2006
  • National Accreditation – Provide Support to Children of Family Violence
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment
  • Certification – Mobile Device Forensics Investigation – Melbourne, Australia
  • Certification – Advanced Internet Intelligence – Melbourne, Australia
  • Certification –  Safe Schools Hub specialist professional in schools 2015
  • Certification – 2015 Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) – Dallas, Texas
  • Certification – 2012 Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Certification – 2011 Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) – San Jose, California
  • Certification – FBI RCFL Unit, USA
  • Certification – Social Network Site Investigation – SEARCH
  • Certification – Social Media Law Enforcement Conference- Chicago
  • Certification – Google Earth Mapping & Google Advanced Power Searcher
  • Certification – ACMA Cybersafety Outreach Workshop –Melbourne
  • Certification – Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Complete Qualification – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Chosen Participant of Adolescent Health Rural Linkage Program – The Invergowrie Foundation & Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne
  • Nominee V-Line Young People’s Community Involvement Award – Central Victoria
  • Diploma of Management
  • Victoria Police Service Medal
  • National Medal