Facebook Live ~ Parents and Police prepare for the unexpected!
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Facebook Live ~ Parents and Police prepare for the unexpected!

Facebook Live ~ Parents and Police prepare for the unexpected!

Facebook Live – is live video for users to share with their Facebook friends.  This live streaming capability is available for all Facebook Pages, iOS and Android mobile devices.

The Facebook feature is similar to other live streaming apps like Periscope,YouTube Live and Blab, that stream live on a mobile device to anywhere in the world.  There is good and bad with live video and unfortunately I’m already seeing dangerous stunts and attention seeking behaviour, that has occurred elsewhere, now appearing on Facebook Live.. but this comes as no surprise. The pic below depicts a rider live streaming while on his dirt bike.. with one comment on his Facebook profile stating ‘Mad’ .. (you got that right!).

FBLive.1This afternoon there was an emergency situation of a fire at an Adelaide bank and of course I got it first hand on Facebook Live.. not a news broadcast. There is no longer real ‘breaking news’, as bystanders can start their own broadcast with views beamed around the world in seconds.

The actions of critical incidents being filmed, can be useful to emergency services, as it captures the immediate scene, other persons in attendance and background conversations.  This can be vital for investigations.

FB live.2Journalists of course have been quick to embrace all live streaming apps. The Examiner Newspaper in Launceston using Facebook Live today, showcasing the St Kilda Football team training in Tasmania. News delivered to fans online and without delay.

FB Live.3This biggest awareness of Facebook Live is for parents, schools and police.  The following two publicly available streams came from teens. One of these teens appears younger than the age requirement to use Facebook (13+ years), with the video recording continuing for over half an hour.

Facebook live allows recording up to 90 minutes.

The child walks around the home, while other siblings and adults private conversations can be heard. Parents be aware what your teens are doing.  While this is a fun Facebook feature, the privacy of your family is utmost and a public recorded video can give away much more than you realise. This child was streaming live from a suburb in New South Wales.  This child was also keen for Viewers .. and THAT should raise alarm bells for all parents!

FB Live.4The second teen online was walking in a street and can be heard talking to others, with one part of the conversation stating – ‘I’m Scared’!   The teens conversation continues and comments show there is no danger, BUT..  it’s an unexpected turn of events if there was.   Friends viewing would need to contact authorities immediately.

The Live stream does default to a recording. Facebook states: “The video will be published to the Page or profile so that fans and friends who missed it can watch at a later time. The broadcaster can remove the video post at any time, just like any other post”.

Facebook Live’s tag – “A fun, powerful way to connect with your followers and create new ones along the way” 

If you are viewing a public video of someone you are not connected with, you can Follow their profile for further live streams.  With public sharing (at time of print) you cannot see Who is viewing your live video…. so that’s kinda creepy.

If you don’t wish to create new followers along the way, it’s best to share your video to immediate friends.  Note: You can block viewers during a live broadcast by tapping the profile picture next to a viewer’s comment and then tapping BLOCK.

Obviously Live is going to be tried out by many and especially teens at school, at home and at events, and therefore a misuse of this feature is likely.  Parents, police, schools and families need to know these issues may occur, bringing potential harm if not managed properly.

An awareness conversation with family about privacy, boundaries, sharing appropriately and their digital presence, can help, with a reminder of the Facebook Community Standards.

Facebook Live is going to be popular and video’s from friends will soon be featured in your newsfeed…  so prepare yourself for the unexpected!

To know more about Facebook Live here…