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Our knowledge expands across all realms of eSafety and cybercrime prevention.
Professional presenter Janita Docherty, is renowned for her social media investigation work and is one of Australia’s leading subject matter specialists in Facebook for personal use and safety. A retired police officer, Janita has dealt directly with cases of online crime and understands the myriad of dangerous situations that can entrap people, causing distress. Her workshops are compiled to supply digital defences in personal privacy protection, cybercrime prevention and emotional wellbeing for individuals, companies and other professionals.

Your Questions Answered

What makes you different from other cybersafety services?

With over 20 years’ experience in crime prevention as a former police officer and over seven years in digital safety, Janita’s knowledge spans across many topics.
Other online specialists have experience in cyberbullying, some in parental advice, some specific to teens online, some in social media safety and others in cybercrimes and investigation.

Very few have the proficiency of all these factors and more,  in one service.
Janita has assisted and undertaken online investigations,  achieving successful Court results.  She has been involved personally with families to facilitate a protection plan against online abuse, and those escaping intimate partner violence. Many don’t have experience from the frontline in the world of child protection, to deter predators or other child exploitation crimes.  There are very few with each of these unique, first-hand experiences. This is why Janita not only differs from others in the field, she strives to remain on the leading edge of new technologies, to defend and protect users in the digital domain.

Who do you deliver workshops for?

Due to our vast knowledge of social media investigation and online safety best practices, our client range varies. Our face-to-face workshops are primarily for Corporate business, individual professionals and Government Agencies. We deliver optimal training for staff, to compliment social media policies, workplace health and safety and professional development days.  Clients include:

Emergency Services staff – Police, Fire, Ambulance, Medical and Military.

Professionals – Teachers, Employment Training Services, Business owners, Legal fraternities, Government investigators, Government agency staff – including DHS, Dept of Corrections, Worksafe and Ombudsman’s office.

Why do I need to know about online safety, doesn’t my device security keep me safe?
It’s commonly known the protections put in place on devices and computers, can still be vulnerable to attacks and most issues arise due to human error.  Cybercriminals are raising the bar when it comes to gaining information from individuals around the web.  Although firewalls, anti-virus and passwords are a Must, they are still not a 100% safe guard. Cybersafety workshops and presentations help increase your awareness, in mitigating digital risks, adding credibility to individual accounts and contributing to a safer workplace.

What is cybercrime?

Cybercrimes occur every day and is one of the fastest growing elements of the criminal world.  Cybercrimes are crimes conducted using the internet and devices connected to the internet.  They include (but not limited to), identity theft, fake accounts, unauthorised access to computers and devices (hacks), cyberbullying, digital harassment, online extortion, eFraud and the most immoral of cybercrimes is child exploitation. Our workshops help engage and prepare people for the increasing misconduct caused by cyber criminals, bringing real time awareness, encouraging good online practices and enthusiasm for safer use.

Are you a cybersafety or cybersecurity specialist?

We are cybersafety (also known as internet safety, digital safety, online safety or eSafety) specialists.  Covering topics regarding correct internet use, social media safety, prevention from cybercrimes, along with approaches for social contentment and individual online care.
Cybersecurity is the protection of IT systems, helping protect computers, networks and programs from cyber-attacks and intrusions.  While we certainly cover aspects of cybersecurity to enhance the skillset of workshop attendees, our focus is on cybersafety to improve personal online protection.
If you are seeking cybersecurity requirements – Shogun Cybersecurity meets the needs of small businesses.

Isn’t cybersafety just about preventing cyberbullying?
Defending against cyberbullying is an aspect of cybersafety, however it is only one component of many topics we cover.  If you require a more comprehensive session specifically on cyberbullying prevention, we suggest engaging the following subject matter specialists:
Brodies Law
Project Rockit

eSafety Office

Are you an Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner Accredited Trainer?
We thank the Australian Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner, for the opportunity for cybersafety presenters to be accredited trainers. However, we’ve not sought the accreditation as it’s relevant to schools and our business is primarily training professionals.  Nevertheless, we do hold a Working with Children’s Check and have completed the School Safety Hub Certificate Course, which is sufficient for education facilities we’ve attended.

Can anyone attend the Social Media and Facebook Investigation workshops?
These sessions are specific to law enforcement agencies and other specialist government investigators.

Verification of workplace is required upon sign up.

What can you teach me about Facebook when I’ve used it for years and know it well?

Facebook is forever changing to maintain the digital demands of users and the digital landscape.  It can be quite challenging to know all there is about Facebook account safety and privacy.  In fact, many believe they are adequately secure. However, with the knowledge shared at our training, people are surprised to find information not intended to be seen by others.  We’ve conducted Facebook presentations to police investigators internationally since 2010.  We understand how Facebook works from a user perspective, but have first-hand knowledge on how it is used from a criminal perspective.  This places us with a significant advantage of delivering training with preventative measures, ensuring Facebook users have the most up-to-date information to protect themselves, their families and their online reputations.

What can our organisation expect to pay?

We provide Full day and Half day, face-to-face hands on training workshops, catering to professional groups of up to 25* people. (*Attendee numbers subject to negotiation)
NGO’s and NPO’s are by negotiation, as we allocate a limited number of probono sessions per year.

CyberActive Services Events are listed on Eventbrite and sold as individual tickets.

Our prices quoted are ex GST, with venue booking fees and travel (ex-Melbourne) as additional costs.

Due to the exclusive and specialist workshops such as ‘Investigations’ or Custom tailored workshops, they are listed at a higher cost.

We are flexible and review our pricing often, to keep within a competitive range suitable to our customer needs.

Sample costing of other social media training:

Other Social Media Safety Presenters Training – Half Day $3700 +GST – Full Day $5000 +GST

Other Social Media Safety Organisations – Full Day $2300 +GST

Social Media ‘Marketing’ workshops – one day $250 – $550 per person


As a commitment in our service to you, our quotes are very competitive and fall mid-range to above. Clients receive quality content, expert knowledge and personal engagement with an International specialist.

We also provide individual consultations for Facebook account requirements. To schedule an appointment, email us via the Contact page or message the CyberActive Services Facebook page.

We donate a percentage of earnings to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).